Platform to Promote Coastal Risk Resilience

Helping Build Community Resilience to Coastal Hazards

Photo Credit: Kenny Louie

What is the Resilient-C Platform?

Resilient-C is a free online platform that helps coastal communities in Canada to determine which other communities are most like their own when it comes to coastal hazards. This platform can help communities discover other locations that face similar hazards vulnerabilities, discover what actions these communities have undertaken to address coastal risks, and discover planning actions that have been taken to become more resilient.

Our database currently includes information for over 100 communities located in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. We are looking to continue to expand this number to new communities and regions as new data and resources become available, with the goal of including most Canadian coastal communities over the next several years.

Who is the Resilient-C Platform For?

The tool works by measuring coastal communities using twenty-five carefully-selected indicators across five different capitals: economic, social, institutional, built environment and natural environment. Each indicator has been selected to identify key aspects that may increase vulnerability from, or promote resilience to, coastal hazards in Canada. You can search for similar communities using all twenty-five indicators, or perform an advanced search on a subset of them, right down to individual indicators such as population size or how connected a community is with its neighbours.